About Us

The Santa Claus Fund was officially started in 1982 by Carol and Dick Travis of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with the goal of buying brand new toys and clothes for children of families who are in crisis or considered to be low income. An example would be a family experiencing severe medical issues, economic crisis, or other circumstances.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

For thirty-eight years the Santa Claus Fund has made the Holidays special for children by shopping for specific requests for clothing and toys from a wish list that is provided by the parents. Over 150 volunteer shoppers will shop anonymously for over 533 children, wrap and tag all gifts and picked up by the families a week before Christmas.

Our Board

Imaging Spence | Kathleen Roe | Diana Eden | Marty Anderson

Amy Brooks | Mike Conlin | Patty Krause | Liz Lockhart
Payson Houfek | Tory Sanders | Cathy Poindexter